Belgian Cats Emma Meesseman (Ekaterinburg) and Jana Raman (Valencia) face each other in international SuperCup


The international SuperCup Women will take place on October 22 in Valencia, Spain. Euroleague winner Ekaterinburg with Emma Meesseman plays against EuroCup winner Valencia with fellow Belgian Cat Jana Raman.

Patrick Ceulemans

The SuperCup Women will therefore return in October, after a one-year hiatus due to the corona pandemic. The Russian Ekaterinburg has already won the SuperCup four times and is therefore the record holder. It is Valencia’s first participation in the SuperCup. The Spanish club will host the event at Pavelló Municipal Font de Sant Lluís (commonly known as La Fonteta), which was also the site of the final stage of EuroBasket 2021 last summer, where the Belgian Cats took the bronze medal. Belgian Cats Emma Meesseman (Ekaterinburg) and Jana Raman (Valencia) are now competing in Valencia for the SuperCup Women.


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