Red Dragons open their European Championship against defending champions Serbia on Thursday

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The Belgian volleyball men (FIVB 22) start their European championship in Krakow, Poland on Thursday evening (8:30 pm) with a match against defending champions Serbia (FIVB 9).


Until next Tuesday, the troops of national coach Fernando Munoz will play five matches in Group A. Friday (5:30 pm) they will meet Portugal (FIVB 40), Saturday (5:30 pm) Greece (FIVB 35), Monday (8:30 pm) the host country Poland ( FIVB 2) and Tuesday (8:30 pm) they will close against Ukraine (FIVB 24).

The top four of the four groups advance to the eighth finals. They will be completed between 11 and 13 September. The final will take place on September 19 in Katowice, Poland.

“We were drawn from a tough group, but we still come to this European championship with ambition,” says national coach Munoz, who selected fourteen players. “We are looking at this group stage match by match and will do everything we can to bring volleyball to a high level.”

In addition to Krakow and Katowice, Gdansk is also a host city in Poland. In addition, the Czech Ostrava, the Finnish Tampere and the Estonian Tallinn are played.

Two years ago, Serbia won the European Championship by beating Slovenia in the final. The championship was then partly organized in Belgium, with Brussels and Antwerp as host cities. The Red Dragons finished their group in second place but then lost to Ukraine in the eighth finals.

In 2017, Belgium lost the bronze medal against Serbia. It is the sixth European Championship participation in a row for the Dragons.


Main attackers: Bram Van Den Dries, Hendrik Tuerlinckx

Corner attackers: Sam Deroo, Mathijs Verhanneman, Tomas Rousseaux, Mathijs Desmet

Mid-attackers: Lennert Van Elsen, Arno Van De Velde, Wout D’Heer, Elias Thys

Playmakers: Stijn D’Hulst, Mathias Valkiers

Liberos: Jelle Ribbens, Martin Perin

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