Westerlo attacker Igor Vetokele and Sarah Seels about their absolute disaster year: “What is a muscle tear when your wife is fighting for her life at home?”

Westerlo-aanvaller Igor Vetokele en Sarah Seels over hun absolute rampjaar: “Wat is een spierscheur als je vrouw thuis voor haar leven vecht?”

Igor Vetokele (29) and Sarah Seels (30) are engaged in the most important match of their lives. The Westerlo attacker’s wife is fighting cancer. Less than a year ago, there seemed to be no blemish in the air, but in recent months they have had to deal with one setback after another. Despite everything, the young couple makes the most of it. “I don’t know if I’ll be there next year, so I’m trying to enjoy every moment now.”

December 2020: chest pain

In the autumn of 2020, Igor Vetokele is fully engaged in his second season at 1B club Westerlo. Together with his wife Sarah Seels, whom he met eight years before …


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