After Lewandowski goals, 1 million people suddenly zap to the exciting final phase of Sweden-Poland

Orange lives among the TV viewer. When the Sweden – Poland duel suddenly became exciting on Wednesday for the sequel in the tournament of the Dutch national team – if Sweden would win, the Orange would avoid fear gegner Portugal – no less than 1 million extra viewers zapped to NPO 2 for that match. This is evident from figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek.

To understand everything, we have to go back to Wednesday evening. The Dutch national team does not play, but the 2 matches at 6 p.m. will determine what the European Championship schedule for Frank de Boer’s team will look like. Simply put, if Spain and Sweden win, then the Orange will avoid angstgegner Portugal and they will meet the Czech Republic in the eighth final.

After an hour of football it seems to look good for the Dutch national team. Spain leads 3-0 against Slovakia and the Swedes also lead 2-0 against Poland. But then it gets exciting because of super striker Robert Lewandowski. The Pole makes it 2-1 in the 61st minute. At that point, we see viewers massively switch to Sweden – Poland.

1 million additional viewers
It becomes even more extreme when Lewandowski shoots in the 2-2 and thus single-handedly seems to ensure that the Netherlands meets a tough opponent in the eighth final. The viewers of Slovakia – Spain on NPO 1 are starting to zap en masse to NPO 2, so that the match there that started with 300,000 viewers is now popular with a sloppy 1.3 million viewers.

Sweden winning goal
Those zappers are rewarded, because the attacking drive of the Poles, who still had to score to reach the next round, was punished. Deep in extra time, Viktor Claesson tapped in the winning 3-2 for Sweden and with that the Orange does not meet Portugal, but the Czech Republic in the eighth final.

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