Olivier Foucart becomes assistant to Roel Moors at Göttingen

Olivier Foucart wordt assistent van Roel Moors bij Göttingen

Olivier Foucart (36), assistant coach of the Belgian Lions and ex-coach of Waregem and Falco Gent, will be the new assistant coach of Roel Moors at the German Göttingen. Foucart will also remain an assistant with the Lions. Foucart was active as a first-class player at Okapi Aalstar and has also been a trainer at the Topsportschool in Wilrijk for years. Roel Moors starts his third campaign in the German Bundesliga. After Bamberg, now a second season with Göttingen. Foucart succeeds compatriot Thomas Crab at the German club.

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