Chile rents CT from Flamengo to train during Copa América

The Chilean team will train at the Urubu’s Nest on June 15th and 16th, after the match against Argentina, at the Nilton Santos stadium, for the Copa América. Summoned, full-back Isla played an important role in mediating the contact between national team representatives and Flamengo. Venezuela and Colombia also probed.

To the Chilean coach and directors, Isla praised the Vulture’s Nest. He said he had a “top structure”, compared to the best in Europe and everyone was pleased with the news. The Chilean Football Federation has even made its CT in Santiago available when Flamengo is playing in the country, according to supervisor Gabriel Skinner.


– As we have many players who have already played in Europe, we know that our structure is not lacking in relation to the CTS there in terms of equipment, prevention, medical, physical and technical aspects. Athletes recognize and transmit to their selections. We even received more surveys, such as from Venezuela and Colombia, through Rueda, but, due to the calendar and the fact that we have to train, we cannot attend to everyone – said Skinner.

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The supply of fields at Ninho do Urubu will increase until the end of this year and reach a total of 7, according to the plan. The professional team will win another one by the end of June. The base will have two more. And a space will be built in front of the CT to receive friendlies, with exit to the street.

– Today we have a shortage that we are working on. At the end of the month, the professional gains another field. The base gains two more by the end of the year. And we are going to build “field 0”, with an exit to the street and which will serve, for example, for training matches. We’ll have a total of seven,” said Gabriel Skinner.

Vidal’s presence promises to shake the crowd
Among Chile’s squad for the Copa América is Inter Milan’s Arturo Vidal. The player, dream of consumption by the red-blacks, has already expressed his admiration for Flamengo several times and said he welcomes the chance of one day defending the club.

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He, who is 34 years old, has already worked with other athletes who spoke highly of Flamengo, such as Renato Augusto, Rafinha, Fierro and Isla himself.

Despite also having the desire to have Vidal one day, Flamengo’s board of directors, whenever asked about the matter, emphasizes the difficulty of a negotiation like this, which involves values ​​that, especially during this period of pandemic, do not fit into the budget.


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