These are the host cities at the European Championship: Poland and Switzerland fly 18,000 kilometers together

The Dutch national team is lucky at the European Championship, because all Orange group matches are played in Amsterdam. But what about the other matches in Group C? All groups have 2 host cities and that entails some complications.

The Netherlands will start the European Championship on Sunday, June 13 (9 p.m.) against Ukraine. Then Thursday, June 17 (9 p.m.) Austria and North Macedonia will be the dessert for the Orange on Monday, June 21 (6 p.m.). All these duels are played in the Johan Cruijff Arena. The remaining matches will be played in Bucharest. If Romania had qualified, the Romanians would also be in this group.

Austria flies back and forth
Take Austria for example. That first plays in Bucharest on Sunday and then flies to Amsterdam for the game against the Orange squad and then happily board the plane again on the way to Bucharest, where football will be played again on Monday. 2200 kilometers to Amsterdam and within 3 days also those 2200 kilometers back… Not very ideal!

London and Glasgow
It is also arranged in the same way in the other groups at the European Championships. Countries like England are lucky in Group D. All their matches are played in London. Scotland will play 2 matches in Glasgow but the clash against England will be played at Wembley again.

Far away
Scotland and England are still very close to each other. This is not the case at all in the other groups. We have worked out the situation for each group.

Group A
Group A is played in Rome and Baku (Azerbaijan). So Italy is lucky with 3 home games. Wales, Turkey and Switzerland are unlucky. Switzerland plays 2 matches in Baku and in the meantime another game in Rome. The distance between the two cities is approximately 4400 kilometers.

Group B
Group B is the group of Denmark and Russia and with matches in Copenhagen and Saint Petersburg. So quite a distance (1500 kilometers for a single journey). Belgium and Finland are the losers. Belgium first plays on June 12 in Russia, then will play football in Copenhagen on June 17 and has to play again in Russia on June 21.

Group E
Saint Petersburg has lobbied well as the city also hosts Group D. Spain’s group and so Seville is the other host city. Calculated equally quickly, the distance between the Russian city and Seville: 4500 kilometers. That is twice the distance from Amsterdam to Lisbon. Hopefully the Poles are ready because they are in Saint Petersburg and in between they fly ‘just’ up and down to Seville. This can rightly be called the ‘travel group’ of death.

Group F
We close in Group F. The real group of death with Germany, Portugal, France and Hungary. The 2 host cities are Munich and Budapest, with Germany remaining all matches in its own country. Portugal is the country that beeps up and down for a while. Although the distance between the two cities is still manageable (650 kilometers).

London has the most matches
All cities have received 1 extra match in addition to the group matches. Only London has received more. They host 2 quarterfinals and the semifinals and final. Saint Petersburg has the most matches after London, with a quarter-final in addition to 6 group matches. An eighth final will be played in Amsterdam, but without the Netherlands.

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