Next week, the Belgian 3X3 team in Hungary will be facing the last Olympic ticket

Volgende week kampt Belgische 3X3 ploeg in Hongarije voor laatste olympisch ticket

The 3X3 Belgian Lions have just not survived the group stage at the Olympic qualifying tournament in Graz, Austria. Nick Celis and co. won three of their four games in Austria, including against world champion America, but that was just not enough for a place in the quarter-finals. next week they will be competing in Hungary / Debrecen for the last Olympic ticket.

Although the Belgians won three of their four group matches, they do not survive the group stage. America, Lithuania and Belgium ended with an equal number of victories, but the goal difference was to the disadvantage of the Belgians. The loss by one point (17-16) against Lithuania earlier today took the 3X3 Lions against Thierry Mariën, Thibaut Vervoort, Nick Celis and Raf Bogaert. After a great match against America, they won 20-16. This was the penultimate chance for the 3×3 Lions to qualify for Tokyo. Next week (June 4 to 6) it will play in Debrecen, Hungary, for the last Olympic ticket.

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