Emma Meesseman chasing: Julie Allemand and Kim Mestdagh can conquer French and Italian double

Emma Meesseman achterna: Julie Allemand en Kim Mestdagh kunnen Franse en Italiaanse dubbel veroveren

After Emma Meesseman (Euroleague & Russian title), two more Belgian Cats can realize the double this weekend. Julie Allemand completes the French final of the play-offs and Kim Mestdagh the fifth and deciding match of the Italian final.

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These are the heydays for the “Big Three” of the Belgian Cats. Emma Meesseman, who has already started preparing for the European Championships and the Olympic Games with the Belgian Cats, won the Euroleague and Russian title this season. You Allemand with Montpellier and Kim Mestdagh with Schio respectively the French Cup and Italian Coppa. Allemand and Mestdagh were also noticed on Thursday evening. The Walloon guard provided the decisive assist for Montpellier’s win (73-74) in the semi-final against Bourges and Kim Mestdagh dropped the winning bomb (67-65) in the fourth match of the Italian final. On Sunday, Kim Mestdagh will face Schio in Venice for the Italian title in the fifth and decisive match. On Saturday, Julie Allemand can conquer the French title with Montpellier and the Belgian coach Thibaut Petit against Landes.

On May 25 to Belgian Cats

Kim Mestdagh and Julie Allemand will return to Belgium next week but were given a day off by national coach Philip Mestdagh until May 25. “After a tough and long season, they can recharge the batteries for a week and then tackle them at the Belgian Cats.” As previously announced, Julie Allemand (Indiana Fever) – just like Emma Meesseman (Washington Mystics) – will not be playing in the WNBA this summer. The Belgian Cats are given priority and after the Olympic Games and a short rest period, Emma Meesseman (Ekaterinburg) and Julie Allemand have to start preparing for the competition and Euroleague again. Allemand returns to Lyon, the club of president / owner Tony Parker, with whom she became champion in 2019. “She is the best guard in Europe,” says the ex-NBA star who was born in Bruges. Allemand signed in Lyon for four years.


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