🎥 | Liverpool holds on to CL spots after winning over Manchester United

Liverpool has won the difficult away game at Manchester United. At Old Trafford it became 4-2 for the visitors. With that victory, Jurgen Klopp’s team keeps an eye on the Champions League spots. Liverpool are currently ranked 5th in the Premier League.

Because of the win, Liverpool is 4 points behind number 4 Chelsea. But where Chelsea still have 2 games to play, Liverpool still have 3. The gap can therefore be reduced to 1 point. Chelsea still plays in 1 of those 2 matches against Leicester City, the number 3 in the Premier League. Leicester is again 2 points ahead of Chelsea.

The Liverpool Program

West Bromwich Albion – Liverpool
Burnley – Liverpool
Liverpool – Crystal Palace

The Chelsea program

Chelsea – Leicester City
Aston Villa – Chelsea

Stand Premier League

1. Manchester City (35-80)
2. Manchester United (36-70)
3. Leicester City (36-66)
4. Chelsea (36-64)
5. Liverpool (35-60)
6. West Ham United (35-58)

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