🎥 | Helmond player Orhan Džepar received many offers: ‘Crate, 100 euros in a cafe’

Former Go Ahead Eagles player Orhan Džepar received many offers from the Deventer area in recent days. GAE was promoted to the premier league on Wednesday-evening after it won at Excelsior (0-1), but mainly because De Graafschap did not get further than 0-0 against Džepar and his teammates from Helmond Sport. Party, Džepar also knew.

“I’ve been offered a lot, from all kinds of other people,” Džepar told ESPN. “A crate, 100 euros in café De Spaan. That is in Zutphen. I don’t go there often, but that man is a Go Ahead fan. He sent a message. You name it. Think 20 messages, something like that.”

Beer with Beukema
Earlier, Džepar was congratulated by partying Sam Beukema. His Go Ahead buddy and also captain of the club will play for AZ next year. “I am very proud of you, Orhan!”, Said a very happy Beukema.

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