Next Brazilian National Team Games in the Qualifiers: See Calendar

Conmebol discloses table of the seventh and eighth rounds; March deferred games will be played later this year.

Conmebol released the complete table with days and times for the two rounds that will mark the resumption of the Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in June. The Brazilian team will face Ecuador, in Beira-Rio, on June 4, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), a Friday, ending the seventh round. On the following Tuesday, the 8th, Brazil will face Paraguay, in Asunción, at the same time.

The Covid-19 pandemic prevented the resumption of the Qualifiers in March, when the fifth and sixth rounds would be held. These games – Colombia at home and Argentina away, in the case of Brazil – will be played still in the second half of 2021, in a rearrangement of the original table that will still be released by Conmebol.

With four rounds held, the Brazilian team leads the qualifiers with 100% success and 12 points won. Right behind is Argentina, second place, with ten. Ecuador (9) and Paraguay (6) complete the G-4, followed by Uruguay (6). The top four finishers qualify directly for the World Cup in Qatar, and the fifth will play a continental repechage.

After the two June games in the qualifiers, the South American teams will play in the Copa America, based in Argentina and Colombia, from June 13 to July 10.

Between September and November, another six qualifying matches will be held, divided into two triple rounds. The exceptional measure was authorized by FIFA, so Conmebol may include the postponed games from March.

Heats Format:

Regarding the dispute of the qualifiers, Conmebol decided to keep the dispute format, in a system of points scored with ten teams facing each other in round-trip games.

Due to the general delay in competitions due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the much tighter schedule than normal to accommodate all matches in a shorter period of time, a change in the format of the eliminatory games for the Qatar Cup was considered . However, in a meeting held on September 17, the entities chose to maintain the traditional scheme.

The games of the Selection:

  • 10/9/20: Brazil 5 x 0 Bolivia – Neo Química Arena, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 13/10/20: Peru 2 x 4 Brazil – National Stadium, Lima, Peru
  • 11/13/20, at 9:30 pm (from Brasilia): Brazil 1 x 0 Venezuela – Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 17/11 // 20, at 8:00 pm (Brasília time): Uruguay 0 x 2 Brazil – Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 06/04/21, at 21h30 (from Brasília): Brazil vs Ecuador – Beira Rio Stadium, in Porto Alegre
  • 06/08/21, at 21h30 (from Brasília): Paraguay x Brasil – NDefensores del Chaco, in Asunción

* Time to be confirmed

Where to watch the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

A TV Globo bought the nine games from Brazil as principal and will broadcast them on open TV. The first was the 5-0 defeat by Bolivia on 9 October. And in November, on the 13th, the team beat Venezuela 1-0, in the second game at home in the competition.

It is also confirmed that TV Globo has reached an agreement with Argentina to broadcast all nine Albiceleste games on their platforms, including the duel between Argentina and Brazil

However, the matches of the selection as a visitor, still does not have a defined house on open TV. No law of the principal: the reason for this is Conmebol, which instead of selling the matches en bloc, now allows national federations to negotiate individually.

TV WA Agreement broken

The agreement for the purchase of broadcasting rights for the Brazilian team’s games in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers by TV WA is practically broken, according to a publication by Sports. The settlement involved paying $ 11 million for the rights to 56 games, including clashes with the Brazilian team.

Mediapro, the rights holder, understands that the broadcaster has breached the contract. Therefore, the company considers the agreement terminated and is already looking for another buyer in the market. The information was confirmed by a source linked to Mediapro.

In turn, TV WA counters: “It is impossible to pay for something that has no set date because of the pandemic, which for us is a sad thing, we are already going through this with Catarinense, but we understand that respect for life comes before interests personal commercials TV WA remains interested, it has the sponsors for this, but out of respect for the sponsors’ money, any amount will only be spent in the certainty that no sponsor will be harmed ”, said Walter Abrahão Filho, owner of the television, who claims to have the money to pay for the rights.

“Our desire is to be able to broadcast at the right time, at the right time, giving free games to Globo, Band, SBT, Record, Rede TV, UOL, Veja, Estadão, Folha, Brasil247, among others”, he added.

TV WA signed an agreement with Mediapro to buy the rights to the World Cup qualifiers for $ 11 million. However, to be effective, the contract would have to have payments and discharge guarantees made by TV WA.

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