Stijn D’Hulst (Roeselare) and Silke Van Avermaet (Asterix Avo) win prizes at VolleyProms

Stijn D’Hulst (Roeselare) en Silke Van Avermaet (Asterix Avo) vallen in de prijzen op VolleyProms

Stijn D’Hulst (Roeselare) and Silke Van Avermaet (Asterix Avo) were voted Player and Player of the Year in the Belgian volley competition on Monday at the VolleyProms.

D’Hulst had a farming year with Roeselare and won both the national title and the Belgian Cup. He beat his teammate Hendrik Tuerlinckx, who had already won the trophy four times before, and the American Mitchell Stahl, runner-up with Maaseik. Silke Van Avermaet, who bagged the national title and cup with Asterix Avo, trumped Sarah Cools (Antwerp) and Lore Gillis (Ladies Volley Limburg). Asterix Avo, who had ended the regular season as leader, only defeated yesterday / Sunday in the final of the Ladies Volley Limburg play-offs.

A panel of players, players, coaches, board members, referees, union officials and journalists elected the laureates. The fans could also vote.

Mathijs Desmet (Roeselare) could call himself Rookie of the Year for men. Britt Rampelberg (Asterix) won the women’s prize.

Frank Depestele Trainer of the Year

The best Trainers of the Year also received an award. Frank Depestele (Menen) took it somewhat surprisingly against Steven Vanmedegael (Roeselare) and the Briton Joel Banks (Maaseik). Kris Vansnick, from champion and cup winner Asterix Avo, triumphed as a coach in the women’s competition. He beat Fien Callens (Oudegem) and Julien Van De Vyver (Ladies Volley Limburg).

Sam Deroo, who won the Russian title, Rissian Cup and the CEV Cup with Dinamo Moscow, was voted best Belgian abroad. Lise Van Hecke, who conquered the CEV Cup with her Italian club Monza, was also honored.

Marie-Catherine Boulanger also received the trophy for Referee of the Year for the third consecutive edition. The volleyball association also presented a Lifetime Achievement Award. Mathi Raedschelders, who stepped down as emblematic chairman of Maaseik after 35 years, received the award.

The awards show did not take place last year due to the corona pandemic.

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