Just like Rafinha, financier vetoes another signing at Flamengo

Flamengo’s football department, awaits a positive signal from the financial sector to advance negotiations with Victor Sá, from Wolfsburg.

Despite the short budget for the 2021 season, the board of Flamengo continues to monitor market opportunities.


Despite having one of the best rosters in Brazilian football, the Technical Commission managed by Rogério Ceni still sees the need for qualification in some sectors. Among them, an edge attacker is required to act on the sides of the field. Therefore, the board of Rubro-Negro in Rio monitors striker Victor Sá, currently in Wolfsburg, Germany.

However, according to initial information from journalist Venê Casagrande, to count on the striker, Fla will need to get rid of any player from the offensive sector, due to the budget available on the payroll.

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– The finance department, as it did with Rafinha, has not yet approved the budget for hiring that player. When the department goes ok, if it goes ok, there is progress in the negotiations and the proposal for the loan until December. Currently, Flamengo has no budget on the payroll to hire another player. Someone would have to leave to come to Victor Sá. But there is no negotiation for any player to leave, quite the opposite -, said Venê Casagrande.


At the age of 26, Victor Sá has played 22 matches for Wolfsburg – 17 as a substitute, and has scored three goals this season. Oliver Glasner, coach of the German team, said that the athlete is not in the plans and that the young man needs ‘new airs’. According to ‘UOL’, the Flamengo made his first contact in January.


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