Wijnaldum sees no reason to leave Liverpool, but his contract is about to expire

Georginio Wijnaldum will take on RB Leipzig with Liverpool on Wednesday. Prior to that match, it is about the expiring contract of the Dutch midfielder. Wijnaldum indicates that he sees no reason to leave, but there is no talk yet about a new contract.

Liverpool won the first match against RB Leipzig 2-0.

The Orange international: “The only thing I can say is that I still feel happy here.” You don’t see it often anymore, but Wijnaldum’s contract has never been renewed. In July 2016 he signed with Liverpool for 5 years and that contract expires this summer.

Big earners
Meanwhile, 13 players from Liverpool earn more than Wijnaldum. Yet he sees no reason to leave: “I am happy with my teammates, the trainers, the club and the fans. It is also not a decision that you make in one day. There are many factors that play a role. For example that “There are still negotiations to be conducted. To be honest, this is not what concerns me the most. Liverpool has not been going well in recent weeks, that is something we have to change together first. We have to start winning again.”

The Spanish midfielder Thiago, who came over from Bayern Munich last summer, earns more than double the amount of Wijnaldum with 12.5 million euros per year. The 30-year-old midfielder from Rotterdam has already played in 38 of Liverpool’s 40 matches this season, the most of all players.

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