Roeselare goes against Maaseik for the sixth cup win in a row

Roeselare gaat tegen Maaseik voor zesde bekerwinst op rij

Next Sunday (February 21), the finals in the Belgian volleyball cups are scheduled in the Antwerp Lotto Arena. For the men it will be a traditional clash between Roeselare and Maaseik. VC Oudegem and Asterix Avo Beveren compete for the women’s cup.

Roeselare has won the cup in the past five years and is aiming for a fourteenth overall victory, which would put the West Flemish on the same level as record holder Maaseik. In recent days, the team of captain Hendrik Tuerlinckx has already proved to be in good shape with two great victories in the Champions League against the Russian Kemerovo and the Italian Modena. Despite the elimination in the champion ball, it was a boost for morale, Tuerlinckx said during a digital press moment from Italy on Friday.

“We come from a slightly more difficult period. For example, we knew five covid cases, including myself. It is nice to see that we are now moving towards a better period. Our broad core of players has proven its worth ”, Tuerlinckx emphasizes. With Roeselare, he can win the cup for the sixth consecutive time next Sunday. “That is certainly a goal. It is not in itself reaching the final, we want to take that cup home. But I would also like to become champion again ”, he refers to the last title, which dates from 2017.

The final will be a traditional clash with Maaseik. “Maaseik and Roeselare are the strongest teams this season, without prejudice to the other teams,” Tuerlinckx continues. “For the neutral volleyball fan, this is the best final there can be. It can certainly be an exciting game, as long as we win. I have already won a number of trophies myself, but I don’t get used to that. The urge to win prizes remains very strong. ”

Maaseik coach Joel Banks is also looking forward to the duel with the eternal rival. “Congratulations to Roeselare for their great victories in the Champions League. Very nicely done ”, the Briton opened. “This is a dream finale. In recent years, we have been eliminated by Roeselare in the semi-finals. Now Roeselare was on the other side of the table in the draw. We would like to play and win every final. If you play for Maaseik, you often come across Roeselare. We know each other well. They have an experienced team, but we have to work on our own plan. ”

Roeselare and Maaseik met each other twice in the competition this season. At the end of October, Roeselare won 3-2 at home, last month Maaseik took the longest in Limburg (3-1).

VC Oudegem against Asterix Avo Beveren in the women

For the women, VC Oudegem and Asterix Avo Beveren face each other in the final. Asterix has thirteen cups to his palmares (a record), Oudegem has already won the cup once (in 2013). Defending champion Hermes Oostende was already killed in the quarterfinals against Tchalou.

In December, both teams faced each other in the competition. Asterix then won 3-2 after a thriller (16-14 in the final set). “I expect an exciting match, which will hopefully be as good as in the competition,” said Justine D’Hondt, captain of Asterix. “We live with a lot of focus and sense of the match. Our motivation is to always play for the prizes. ”

Justine D’Hondt
Photo: Erik Westerlinck 2019

The same sound with Elise Van Sas, the captain of Oudegem. “This final is alive in Oudegem and the club. We have achieved a first goal of the season with this, but of course we now also want to win the final. In the competition it was very exciting and I think the two teams are very well matched. Perhaps Asterix has a little more experience. ”

The cup finals are played behind closed doors due to the corona pandemic.

Roeselare goes against Maaseik for the sixth cup win in a row
Elise Van Sas
Photo: Gregory Van Gansen

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