Kris Eyckmans with Haasrode Leuven for first time in Champions Final 4: “Unique and no coincidence”

Kris Eyckmans met Haasrode Leuven voor eerst in Champions Final 4: “Uniek en geen toeval”

Oud-Heverlee / Leuven –

The time has finally come: with the 3-0 victory of Roeselare against Aalst, Haasrode Leuven can prepare for the play-offs with the best four teams in the country for the first time in club history. That is a reward for the hard work and well-thought-out policy.

Last season, after the lost belle against Achel, Haasrode Leuven just missed the Final 4 (even though it was never played by Corona), but this season it is hit, even if it was Sunday evening …


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