Belgian Cats are in the first pot in the European Championship draw and thus avoid some top countries in the first round

Belgian Cats zitten in eerste pot op EK-loting en vermijden zo enkele toplanden in de eerste ronde

The Belgian Cats, number 6 in the world and therefore seed, are next week (March 8) in the draw for the European Championship in pot 1 and avoid top countries such as France, Spain and Serbia in the first round.

The European Championship will take place from 17 to 27 June France (Strasbourg) and Spain (Valencia). Pot two contains Sweden, Russia, Slovenia and Italy, pot 3 Belarus, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and Turkey and pot 4 brings Slovakia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Turkey into the drum. The Belgian Cats, who took bronze in 2017 and finished fifth in 2019, are going for a medal again at their third consecutive European Championship and a month before the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


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