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100 days

BBB21 is already breaking records, the way we like it! This edition will have the longest confinement time: it will be 100 days of game, fun and fire in the playground. Resistance tests, Bata Volta, Big Phone, Angel and Monster and much more are confirmed!


And the game started before the play! Soon after the disclosure of the 20 participants, an unprecedented vote was opened: the public chose six brothers to immunize in the first week (three from the Pipoca Group and three from the Box). The result was announced by Tiago Leifert in Fantástico, on Sunday, 24/1.

Da Pipoca: Lumena, Juliette and Arthur were the most voted and are immune. From the Box: Fiuk, Viih Tube and Projota were the most voted and won immunity. In addition, these six participants will need to reach a consensus to refer someone to Paredão.

List of participants

The mystery is over, Brazil! The time has come to meet the BBB21 participants. The long-awaited list was released on Tuesday, 1/19, along Globo’s programming. #RedeBBB prepared a summary with age, profession, hometown and other curiosities about the new brothers and new sisters of Big dos Bigs! Do you want to know who they are, what they do and how many are the new residents of the most loved and watched house in the country?

BBB21: know who are the participants of this edition

Box x popcorn again

Big dos Bigs has 20 participants divided into a box, made up of celebrities, and Pipoca, the subscribers. Take a peek at the summary that #RedeBBB has prepared for each participant so that you can arrive at the time of the intimate program of the brothers and sisters.

As in last year’s edition, ”Big Brother Brasil 21” will have anonymous participants, who signed up for the attraction, and famous participants, invited to the game.

How to watch BBB 21 live 24 hours a day?

Big Brother Brasil will have transmission available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fans of the most watched reality show in the country will be able to follow all the steps of the brothers and sisters through the pay-per-view offered by the main pay-TV operators. The values ​​may change according to the desired operator.

  • To watch the BBB 21 without cuts, on Sky, for example, the subscriber will have to pay an amount of R $ 91.60 in cash for an additional channel, this if he is already a customer of the TV operator. There is the possibility of splitting the amount up to 4 times for R $ 22.90.
  • Claro TV also offers 24-hour airing for R $ 22.90 in the first four months.

The subscriber is entitled to 2 exclusive channels of Big Brother Brasil, in addition to 1 mosaic with 4 cameras in excellent quality of image and sound that can be controlled through the remote control. In addition, operators offer interactive features to make the viewing experience even more interesting on how to watch BBB 21.

BBB on Globoplay

Another way to watch BBB 21. The public that is a fan of BBB 21 will also have Globoplay, Globo’s streaming service, as a second option to follow the reality show 24 hours a day. This is because, the platform offers a monthly package of R $ 22.90 in which the subscriber will be entitled to watch cameras scattered around the rooms of the house. In addition, one of the cameras offers high image and sound quality.

You can follow Big Brother Brasil on your computer, mobile phone or tablet

Other operators will announce their BBB 21 pay-per-view plans in the coming days. The value may change for those who are not yet a subscriber to an operator that offers the reality show.

What is the BBB channel on SKY?

Customers who have a subscription to Big Brother Brasil SKY can watch the program through 4 channels:

Channel 5: TV Globo
Canal 405: TV Globo HD
Channel 93: Live broadcast 24 hours a day with the main camera
Channel 94: Mosaic with 4 cameras available

What is the BBB channel on Claro TV?

On channels 741 HD and 241 Digital, you have 24 hours with the best huts, romances and parties on television.

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