02/03 No Spanish final round and reunification with friend Sam Van Rossom, but corona for Belgian Cat Jana Raman

02/03 Geen Spaanse eindronde én hereniging met vriend Sam Van Rossom, wel corona voor Belgian Cat Jana Raman

Jana Raman would finally see her boyfriend Sam Van Rossom again in Valencia. Not so.
Photo: rr.

For weeks Belgian Cat Jana Raman (30) looked forward to the Copa de la Reina with her club Estudiantes Madrid. Sporting a highlight and extra sporty she would see her sweetheart Sam Van Rossom again in Valencia. Corona decided otherwise.

The Copa de la Reina, the top 8 after the first round in the Spanish Liga Femenina, starts on Thursday with a nice poster for Estudiantes Madrid against Girona. But without Jana Raman. “I contracted an infection a few weeks ago,” she says. “I was quite sick last week, but I’m starting to feel better.”

“Things are going very well for my new team this season. Besides, I could see Sam again for the first time since Christmas. So Corona once again throws a spanner in the works. Do you know that in 2021 I only attended fourteen workouts? You have to be thirty years old for that. ” (laughs)

25 days of quarantine

“I’ve been inside my apartment in Madrid for 15 days now. And there will be ten more, because I have to test negative. But the club takes care of everything and also brings food to the door. For the rest it is Netflix, filling in sudoku’s and watching the matches of Sam and Valencia. ”

“It would be my second consecutive Copa. I will now just support my team and my fellow Cats Antonia Delaere (IDK Euskotren, ed.) and Heleen Nauwelaers (Tenerife), who do participate in the Copa. I also take comfort in the thought that I will now have antibodies. If we don’t get that vaccine in time for the European Championships and the Olympic Games with the Belgian Cats, then I already have some protection. ”


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