Anderlecht is showing its teeth: five reasons why the Purple & White do win and remain in the running for Play-off 1

Anderlecht toont zijn tanden: vijf redenen waarom paars-wit nu wel wint en in de running blijft voor Play-off 1

It didn’t have to be pretty. After the lamentable 10 out of 27, Anderlecht mainly had to win against Standard and succeeded in that mission: 1-3. The clasico was anything but a great showpiece, but the no-nonsense approach earned the Purple & White 3 points. This keeps them in the running for Play-off 1. We looked for five reasons why Anderlecht did win this time.

Jürgen Geril

1. Not pretty, but hard

Normally, Anderlecht has to be the best in class. The one that everyone turns their head for. After the painful loss of face against Cercle (0-0) and Kortrijk (0-2), that was against …

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